I’m 2 days before my estimated due day now and was going to meet a friend outside. Above all, one can’t just stay at home the whole day, waiting and waiting for birth to happen.

Just getting up the stairs in the Berlin U-Bahn (tube) was hard enought with my big belly and as I finally entered the train with a deep but relieved breath, there was no free seat.

„As usually“, I thought and waited for someone to see my big belly. But as usually, nobody cared and nobody offered my his seat. And slowly I was getting angry as this has happened too many times to me now…

Okay, it’s winter time and I am wearing a big jacket. It’s Christmas time and people are busy with their Christmas shoppings. It’s Saturday and Berlin is cowded with people, having no time to look to their left or right… But why the hell do I feel that urge to find excuses for them?!

There is no excuse for ignoring a an almost over-due pregnant woman in the train! Even it is winter, one CAN’T oversee my big belly. Even it is Saturday and people are busy, one CAN’T behave as if there is no tomorrow. And in particularly BECAUSE it is Christmas time, one should care for the other and especially the weaker ones!!

I’m German myself and I feel sorry to need to say that: WHAT’S UP WITH THOSE GERMANS?!!

Maybe this kind of ignorance might happen also in other countries but I find this phenomena very particularly German. And this is not only a phenomena in the “big, big capital” but is also represented everywhere else in Germany. It’s not because Germans are bad people. It’s just that they seem to be stuck so much inside themselves that they don’t perceive anything else around them.

Their plans. The recent speakout with the boss. The food one still has to buy in the supermarket. The kids and husband at home. And above all the smartphone… People just don’t look at you! They are stuck into themselves and also don’t WANT to see the other one.

Is it because Germans are shy? It is because they just don’t care? It is because they are so stressed and full of plans and stuff to organise?

I don’t get it.

Finally someone left and I quickly grabed the empty seat (I know, I should just ask someone to give me his seat but maybe here I’m too proud as well or too „German-shy“ as well). I was releaved.

I thought about Barcelona, Spain. When I was just about 5 months pregnant (and it was really difficult to note that a child was growing inside me), my husband and I went on holiday to Barcelona. There it was the first time in my life, that someone offered me a seat! And not just offering me a seat. The whole train turned exited when we entered and about 4 people immediately stood up when they saw me. „Please, take my seat!“, various people said and I must admit that I even felt a bit ashamed as I wasn’t used at all to be offered a seat.

But here in Germany it’s different. In fact it’s just the very opposite.

An old man with his wife entered in the train. I noticed immediately that he was urgently searching for a seat and barely could stand on his own feet. But he was too shy or too proud to ask for a seat. So, as I was doing before, he waited.

I was getting more and more angry about the whole German society and felt like screaming out aloud how ignorant and egoistic everyone was!

I felt the urge to offer him my place but then felt proud as well: Come on, Mona, you won’t offer your seat. You’re going to have your baby in roughly 2 days!!!

So I turned to the woman next to me and said politely but sure: „Excuse me but I think this man needs a seat. And I am going to have a baby in 2 days. Could you please help him?“

The woman stupidly looked at me as if she wouldn’t understand. Then it came to her and she sprang up immediately, highly red faced. The man sat down and thankfully smiled at me. But I felt still angry.

And I am still feeling angry.

So, as I didn’t feel the courage to scream this anger out in the train, I want to do it here.


So, as I German experiencing this in Germany, I only can speak about German behaviour. Do you experience the same in your country? Or is it just the opposite and people take care of each other? Let me know about your experience.