Ghee, or clarified butter is commonly used in Indian cuisine. It’s also very famous in the Ayurveda tradition, where it is also used as body or massage oil or even for pure consumption.
Basically, Ghee is butter that has been clarified from its milk solids. That’s also why Ghee is suitable for lactose intolerant people. When stored in a clean, dry and cooled place, Ghee is supposed to last up to a 100 years – amazing these Yogis, aren’t they?!
1 portion unsalted Butter (100 g will approx. give 70 g Ghee)
  1. Heated up the butter on the stove (take care that it does not burn!)
  2. Take a clean, woollen handkerchief (or something similar that is fine enough to filter the liquid butter) and filter the liquid into a clean pot (only if it says really clean, the Ghee will last a life time!). You will see that the butter has separated into a golden yellow liquid (the Ghee) and some nasty looking yellow-white slime. You filter the slime and keep the Ghee.
  3. Let the Ghee cool down (it will change its colour from golden yellow to a more milky yellow)

Liquid Ghee (still warm)         Hardened Ghee (cooled down)