In Ghana and some other parts of West Africa, there is a great tradition of honouring midwives. Around the globe there is the unfortunate trend of devaluate midwives and natural ways of giving birth (although fortunately there are also sporadic trends towards birth techniques that come closer to the natural, sometimes even spiritual path of giving life). Therefore I was really surprised and thankful when I heard about the role of midwives in Ghana.
I’m so thankful for everything my midwives have given me and how they helped and protected me that I would never like to miss their love before, during and after child birth. That’s why I would love you to know the “Legend of Anna the midwife”, that is told by the Ga people on Christmas in Western Africa, Ghana.
Do the following with your kids:
  • Listen together to the story and its music
  • Tell them about what a midwife is and what her tasks are
  • Tell them about your midwife or the moment of birth
  • Answer all their questions and enjoy their curiosity!
With the friendly permission of Terrence Roberts (Professional Storyteller) I’d like to post his video here to allow you the access to this beautiful story and Terrence talent to present it: