When my doctor disclosed with a smile that our little one is going to be born on Christmas, I wasn’t quite amused. I kind of felt pity and also a bit of guilt that my husband and I didn’t plan better to avoid such a horrible birthday date.
But well, at the end I got used to the thought of having a Christmas child and can also see some advantages of it now. I you’re having a baby on Christmas and are still crying why it just hit you and your baby, I hope the following 5 advantages of being born on Christmas might help you.
Advantage No 1: It’s always a holiday
Whether your child’s birthday is on the 24th or 25th, it will be always like a Sunday. Not only during his or her school time but also during university or even – in most countries of the world – when he or she is already working as a professional.
Advantage No 2: People will remember your child’s birthday
Well, it’s not really surprising that someone who’s birthday is just on Christmas is easily remembered. It might be, that this comes with some sort of pity but at the end all that matters are the congratulations on your child’s special day, isn’t it?
Advantage No 3: The whole family is united
In most of the families around the world Christmas is celebrated together. In some families it might even be that distant family members fly over just to be together this very special day. So your little one will always enjoy the whole family horde and most possibly even gets the double of presents from all of them (something which doesn’t necessarily happen when your birthday is during the year as family members tend to forget or don’t feel obligated to send something).
Advantage No 4: Your child will celebrate more than once
As the 24th or 25th (depending in which country of the world you live) is reserved for Christmas, families tend to celebrate the child’s birthday on an other day afterwards with all the friends. While this seems rather unfair and is just the reason why most people think bad about Christmas birthdays, it can also mean that your kids birthday is just celebrated twice. After all, you can’t really ignore your child’s birthday even it is Christmas Eve! There will be some birthday chanting, first presents in the morning or a cake anyway!
Advantage No 5: Your child will never be alone
This might not be too important while your child is still young and living with you. Nevertheless, it can become important to your child when it gets older. Just imagine. Have you never spent a birthday alone because you didn’t want to organise anything and people forgot about your birthday and didn’t organise a surprise party? When you did experience this you know that it rather feels uncomfortable and at the end of the day one regrets not having invited anyone at least. So, on Christmas, your big baby (although already adult and living by him or herself) most possibly will celebrate with you or with his or her own nuclear family. So, no need to fear he or she might suffer a lonely birthday!
Do you feel better about the birthday of your Christmas baby? Do you see any additional advantages? Then share and care – I’m looking forward to hear your voice!
PS: At the end, our little bundle of joy was born on Christmas morning, 25th of December – and you know what? I just really don’t care anymore 😉